Who we are

We are Point. We help you make a quantum leap, venture into uncharted territory or find new ways to create value for end users.

Point is a strategic design agency, created with the vision of enabling organizations to do things they haven’t done before. The way we are organized, the competence profiles of our team and the tools and methods that we use are all designed with one focus; to facilitate strategic development and innovation based on robust insights.

In 2019 a few senior colleagues transformed Intermetra,
a company with over 25 years of history in user research,
into Point. The creation of Point was driven by our output
increasingly being focused on strategic tools, prototyping and innovation.

Point is made up of people who love finding creative solutions to complex challenges. We work with municipalities, governmental agencies, global publicly traded companies as well as innovation-driven start-ups.

We solve problems for many different actors in different industries, mainly focusing on enabling value creation and sustainable development. What we leave behind continues to provide value, many times for years to come.