Viable Cities

Mo-Bo III is a collaborative project that focuses on a wholistic approach to housing and mobility. Such an approach is much needed to increase efficiency in the transition to a more sustainable society. The need is especially urgent when it comes to housing that has already been built. The MoBo III project gathers knowledge and insights from municipalities, commercial actors and users to establish mobility solutions in connection with public housing in Sundbyberg, Kalmar, Uppsala and Örebro.


In MoBo III Point has provided expertise in user centric research and development, as well as introducing the parties of the project to strategic design tools. Point led a work package focused on collecting and analyzing data from residents in order to gain insights in geospecific patterns and behaviors in regards to travel and mobility. The work included analysis of secondary data for identification and selection of participants for a resident dialogue.


Data from the study were co-analyzed with existing data and previous knowledge and resulted in the identification of behavioral groups. Insights about the behavior groups were presented in the form of a Needs Map and a comprehensive report, and anchored and implemented within the larger project structure through workshops that Point facilitated.

The results of the project have also been presented in several public forums and conferences.