H&M Move
Customer insight & segmentation

In autumn 2021, H&M Move hired Point to develop new, innovative tools for strategic customer understanding. H&M Sport was at this time working on developing the vision and strategy for a new brand in the H&M portfolio; H&M Move. As part of the development, H&M needed to establish a common understanding of the customers' needs. H&M requested a delivery in the form of "insight tools" designed so that they could be connected with H&M's overall customer journey and used to develop the assortment, marketing and shopping experience for the new brand.


Point tailored a process containing service design methodology and data triangulation with secondary data as well as qualitative and quantitative primary data. The process was centered around close collaboration between Point, the team at H&M and brand agency Gentle Forces.
The project began with a Social Listening study, where trending topics around physical activity on various social media platforms were mapped. Based on the results of the Social Listening study, a qualitative study of 80 respondents in Germany, the USA, India and the UK was carried out. Based on the combined insights of Social Listening and the qualitative interviews a quantitative study was performed, collecting data from 6000 respondents in 6 different countries, spread over 3 continents. Based on this large data set, an innovation process was carried out in which several prototypes, both in terms of the computer design and the visual, communicative design of the tools, were tested and evaluated.

Through dialogue, workshops, prototypes and testing of prototypes, Point and the team at H&M Move were able to work together to produce a final result that was not only well adapted to the organization’s challenges, but also contributed to providing the team at H&M with new knowledge and new tools in innovation work linked to customer understanding and strategic implementation of customer understanding.


The project entailed a number of deliverables; the results from the Social Listening study in the form of a topic modeling analysis, a qualitative report in the form of a magazine, as well as a comprehensive report with visualizations for the segmentation solution that was developed.
Point also delivered insight tools to be used in the further strategic work at H&M Move. The tools were packaged in the form of a board game and workshop kit. The board game was designed to be used by different constellations at H&M Move in working with questions about the customers’ attitudes, perspectives and needs.

The brand H&M Move was launched in August 2022. The insight tools are used continuously in the work.