Client insight

Varvet is a full-service web agency comprised of experienced developers and designers. Varvet has a good track record with projects for large American corporations in the financial services industry. To expand their knowledge of needs and operations of comparable firms on the US market, as well as competitors, Varvet turned to Point.

At the start of the project, Varvet and Point decided on five main areas of inquiry: overview of the customer base, analysis of competitors, exploration of the behaviors, pain points and challenges for senior marketing professionals in the financial services industry and strategies for engaging with and effectively communicating with decision-makers among prospective clients.


The overall process was iterative, allowing various lines of investigation to refine data collection and analysis. This process involved two internal workshops and three work meetings with the client.

Point used a number of different sources for data collection, including databases, social media platforms, and competitors’ as well as potential clients’ own websites. Point also conducted several interviews with industry experts, which provided deeper insights into the behaviors, pain points, and challenges of potential clients.

In the analysis phase we employed several different analysis methods, including structured affinity clustering, topic modeling, visual analytics as well as traditional quantitative data analysis.


The project outcomes were presented in a workshop, allowing Varvet to immediately delve into the insights and strategize based on the findings.

Based on the dialogue in the workshop, a report was compiled. The report centered on key findings and suggested courses of action, all grounded in a deeper understanding of the industry, competitors, and Varvet’s current position. The suggested actions were broken down into practical, hands-on activities aimed at achieving the main goals.

Additional insights in the report offered a deeper context for the main findings, showcasing direct results of various activities, such as message themes discovered through competitor webpage analysis and key decision-makers’ behavior on social media platforms.

The deliverables also included data files containing potential clients, significant competitors, and marketing channels.