Customer-centric development

Swedavia owns and operates Swedens airports, except for two, Ronneby and Luleå Airport, where Swedavia is still has the responsibility for the operation of commercial air traffic.

During 2018 Point ran several connected projects to create better understanding of needs and behaviors of customers at Swedavia’s airports. The primary focus of the project was Arlanda Airport in Stockholm and Landvetter Airport in Gothenburg. The projects focused on what the airports offer in terms of retail, food and beverage, as well as the digital customer experience and the customer experience connected to parking at the airport.


Point worked in close collaboration with a working group from Swedavia represented by key roles from different parts of the organization. We conducted close to 100 qualitative interviews as well as observations at both Arlanda and Landvetter airports.

The process included a number of workshops that were designed both to train the Swedavia team in the methodology of service design, as well as analytical and creative workshops to drive the project forward. Together with the project team at Swedavia Point worked with reframing the challenge and create possible solutions, concepts and prototypes to meet the needs of the customers.

The process was carried out in several iterations in order to reach deeper with each iteration.


A main deliverable of Points work was an overview customer journey that took a holistic approach of the customers experience at the airport. The mapping work spanned various locations and sub-processes like navigation (wayfinding at the airport), expectations regarding time consumption in connection with different processes, needs connected to space and function in public areas as well as offerings around shopping and food & beverage.

The work also included a workshop with the aim of communicating the new customer-centric way of thinking and working to partners/tenants (i.e. the actors who rent space for their operations at the airports), in order for these actors to become more integrated in the work of meeting the needs of travelers.

The output of the different projects has given Swedavia insights that have contributed to strategic decisions around the offering and operation at the airports. Points work has also increased awareness and ability to work customer-centrically at Swedavia.