Borås Stad
Project portfolio: Sustainable mobility

"Climate-neutral Borås 2030" is a project in collaboration with Borås City, Navet Science Center, Science Park Borås, Borås Energy and Environment AB, and Fristadbostäder AB, aimed at achieving an ambitious and fair climate transition while engaging citizens in Borås to take part in the effort. As part of the project, the innovation team reached out to Point for help in developing a project portfolio focused on ”Modig Mobility", which includes concrete measures to promote sustainable travel and reduce emissions. The portfolio is intended to serve as a resource for the organizations involved in "Climate-neutral Borås 2030" to prioritize actions and initiatives, with some actions to be implemented by 2024 and others as future recommendations.


Point worked closely with the innovation team to develop a broad portfolio of achievable mobility measures that reflect the project’s ambition and purpose. The process began with an analysis of previous and ongoing mobility work in Borås City, including relevant documentation and interviews with key stakeholders. Point also conducted a brief analysis of innovative mobility initiatives for reduced climate impact.

Using this insight material, Point and the innovation team conducted an analysis workshop to define short- and long-term priorities and important milestones for the future. A cluster analysis was then performed to identify knowledge gaps, challenges, and opportunities in the current mobility work. An actor mapping was also created to identify the various actors who have the potential to influence travel in Borås.


Based on the current conditions and working methods in Borås, Point identified three main areas for future work and developed proposals for strategic and operational measures in each area, both short- and long-term. The collected insights were compiled in a final report and delivered together with presentation to the project team in December 2022.