Båtliv is a project to increase The Swedish Transport Agency’s knowledge and insight about Swedish leisure boats and how they are used. The purpose of the project is to provide facts about boating and the population of leisure boats in Sweden, so that public administration, businesses and organizations can plan and make decisions on a solid, factual basis. The results of the study form the basis for the annual publication "Facts about boating in Sweden" that is disseminated to and through the Swedish media, trade associations, boating organizations and more.

The study covers privately owned leisure boats and provides a comprehensive overview of what Swedish boating looks like today. Comparisons are also made with studies from previous.


Point provided The Swedish Transport Agency with an extensive report, containing graphs, illustrations and written analysis. Raw data files were also provided, as well as a version of the report adapted for presentation purposes. The results were presented at a national press conference in collaboration with the Swedish Transport Agency and the Stockholm Boat Fair.

The final report is available on the Swedish Transport Agency’s website:


The study was conducted in March and April 2020 and is valid for households with people aged 20–74 in Sweden. In total, 6,000 telephone interviews were conducted and formed the basis for the analysis. Households that did not own a boat answered a shorter questionnaire, while households that own one or more boats had to answer an extensive questionnaire detailing their boats and how they are used.