How we work with strategic foresight

Is your organization prepared for a fast-changing world?

We are facing an increasingly complex and uncertain world, where disruptive developments and emerging trends can significantly impact your organization’s future. At Point, we help you to understand and prepare for these potential changes. With our rich history in innovation and strategic foresight, we engage in activities like creating long-term visions, innovation strategies, future prototypes, and conducting comprehensive scenarios. Our approach centers on making you more agile, responsive, and equipped for future challenges and opportunities.

Our process is designed to help you make significant innovation leaps. By conducting thorough trend analysis and strategic scenario planning, we identify key uncertainties and devise strategies to address them. This not only prepares you for future scenarios but also ensures your organization’s long-term success and resilience.

Using cutting-edge tools and methodologies such as Futures Wheel, Systems Mythologies, and Verge, we explore a wide spectrum of potential future scenarios. These frameworks enable us to systematically examine critical changes and their implications. Through methods like 2×2 scenarios and transformative scenarios, we delve into scenario development, aiming to align your goals and vision with future possibilities, including uncertainties.

In our process we integrate modern tools like design thinking, AI analytics, and storytelling, we make our foresight deliverables engaging, accessible, and comprehensive. These tools also allow us to create interactive prototypes and visualizations, empowering you to explore various future possibilities even after our project concludes.

We have worked with foresight across sectors like consumer goods, healthcare, and government. By choosing to partner with us, you benefit from a foresight process that has successfully anticipated shifts in society, identified new opportunities, and developed innovative products and services.

Let’s ensure your organization’s resilience and long-term success by navigating the future together.

If you would like to know more about how we work with Strategic Foresight, please contact Johan Lager or Rasmus Lehnér.