How we work with patient journeys

A patient journey tells a meaningful story about the experience of the people in question.  It summarizes and simplifies many stories into an overview, describes different stages, feelings, and sentiments, as well as clarifies opportunities for improvement. The journeys contain key findings and provide a clear perspective on the hierarchy of events respective for each stage – showing both a summary – the big picture, and particular events along the way – the detailed information.

Patient journeys are especially useful in planning activities and strategies that aim at being the most relevant and impactful in improving patients’ lives.

Some elements that journeys designed at Point often include are: phases, needs, feelings, actors involved, and quotes from the patients are their relatives – to ensure the material represents real human experiences and that it can be real support in setting relevant strategic goals, creating tactics, prototypes, and designing communication materials that patients can relate to.

If you would like to know more about how Point can help you with insightful patient journeys – be able to “walk in your patients shoes” when creating strategy and tactics, please contact Råger Mårlind.

Råger has more than 20 years of experience in user research and strategic design work within the health care area.